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Last night at around 4:00pm I headed out toward the expensive side of town to meet the doc who was going to perform Decker’s cat scan. While I settled the bill, the vet techs inserted a catheter into Decker’s arm. We caravaned to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for a 5:30pm appointment. Unlike when humans get such a procedure, there was little paperwork for me to sign, and best of all– no lines or waiting!

I brought Decker into the CT room and the doc gave her a sedative. Decker fought the sedative, but eventually she felt woozy and relaxed.

Doc JB and FMH Tech prepare Decker for CT
Sedative in Action

The procedure was quick. The doc intubated Decker and hooked up some kind of breathing machine. Once everything was set, we left the room and the FMH techs took pictures. After they took the CT scan, I took some pictures of my own.

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  1. What did the scan cost for your dog?

    My Pekingese has had three seizures within the last two weeks. Never had one before now.
    My vet mentioned a Cat Scan or MRI. Am I looking at over a thousand just for that procedure?

    I did my research, and I know what kind of seizure she’s having, all I want is cut to the chase
    and give me what medication she needs and move on. The description was dead on for her seizure type.

    Veterinary care is wonderful, but it’s all about the money these days. Run up with up selling.
    My Vet yesterday must have talked for 5 solid minutes on what it could be, and wanted to do everything he suggested, including tests for what if this or what if that. I said lets start with a complete senior blood work profile, and when that returns, lets zero in on the brain functions.

    But long story short, the procedure for your dog came to what? $$$ thousands most likely.

    Thanks for your time.

    Ronnie in Minneapolis,MN.

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