Decker’s Endoscopy

Decker went to vet on the expensive side of town on Friday. Hopefully I can get some of the pretty pictures of her endoscopy. Yes, there is an ulcer at the back of her throat, but it doesn’t look like it’s from a tumor coming through the soft palate.  Her left nostril is completely occluded due to something that looks like a cyst in her nose.

The vet took biopsies of the ulcer and cyst-like thing. Decker has an appt. for a cat scan on Wed.

I learned that blue eyed white snouted dogs, like Decker, often have “skin flaps”– little flaps of skin that stick out on the gums. This is indicative of what vets call “wheezer syndrome,” meaning the dog has a small trachea and thus reduced air flow.


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