Chez tries to OD
Chez tries to OD

Chez tries to OD

Tues night I was outside painting the dog box. It just after 5:30pm and the dogs were anxious to go for their evening walk. I told them to chill out and we’d go in a little bit. I heard a crash inside the house, but didn’t run in to see what it was. I finished painting and when I walked into the yard I noticed Stubby was chewing on some type of cap. “Hmmmm,” I thought to myself, “What could that be from.” I went inside to find Rimadyl all over the floor, the dog bowls empty of water, and Chez eating Rimadyl. “Fucking dogs!” I said. I picked up the remaining pills and carried on evening dog activities. It didn’t look like that many were eaten, I had picked a bunch off the floor, and it wasn’t that long between the time I heard the thump in the house and the time I came inside.

Somehow, someone (probably Chez) managed to open up a closed cabinet, climb up a shelf and knock a bottle of chewable Rimadyl to floor. Then someone had to pry open (or chew off) the cap. What talented dogs I have; what teamwork.

Chez was not feeling well the next morning. He was unable to complete a full walk and he looked “stumbly,” and vomited a couple of times. Greg dropped him off at the vet. Chez got fluids, activated charcoal, blood tests, and a fancy bandana tied around his neck. He was very perky when I brought him home. The vet said he had a high red cell (paxil ?) blood count, but kidney levels were normal.

This morning he wasn’t as perky. I gave him subcutaneous fluids and managed to get a little blood from his arm, which I brought to the vet. His protein level is a little low, so back to the vet tomorrow for some more blood work. Right now he’s on sucralfate and famotidine, and the doc just added Prilosec to the mix.

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