Decker 2003 – Aug 9, 2012

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Decker has gone to be with her “Not Forgotten” brothers and sisters. She was diagnosed with nasal cancer a year ago, and lived her last year with a tumor on snout which increased in size every couple of weeks. As a sled dog, Decker was a great leader. As a pet dog, Decker was a quiet girl who stayed in her room often, but came out for pets and walks. We will miss her.

Decker and her tumor

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  1. Oh, Ilana, I’m so sorry. That tumor is both amazing and horrifying. But Decker was so blessed to spend her last years with you. Thanks for giving her the chance to blossom.

    I get so nervous when her sister Chance has any kind of breathing issue. We’ve only had some minor episodes, but lately it has flared up again. Chance too is an amazing leader, our new go-to girl for leading shelter teams we run.

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