Blood everywhere

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I came home Monday (Sept. 26) to find Decker in a puddle of blood from her own nose. There was a lot of blood and she must have been bleeding for a while. Every time she breathed she sprayed blood all over the walls, the floor, herself. From paw to elbow, she was covered in blood. I called the vet and tracked Greg down. Greg picked up ACE (a tranquilizer) from the vet and Yunnan Baiyao from a holistic doctor. ACE was to calm her down, although I should have taken some to calm me down, and the Yunnan Baiyao is a Chinese herb used for clotting. By the time Greg got home she had stopped bleeding.

Decker is still alive today (two days later). She finally cleaned the blood from her paws, but she hasn’t eaten or drank anything. I tried giving her a camel-back of fluid, but she yelped when I stuck the needle into her so I didn’t proceed. Greg tried giving her water with a turkey baster, but she didn’t like that very much either.

One of the vets said as the tumor progresses, she’ll either bleed out or stop eating. I guess she’s doing both. Her gums are very pale. I know it’s time, but just don’t want to do it.

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