Roo’s Privacy Screen

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Roo and Capella are now arch enemies and spend most of the day barking at each other. Roo love’s to get other dogs riled up, and Capella is her newest enemy. Previously it was Monkey and Punky (M & P). Note, Roo and M & P still hate each other– but they are far far away from each other don’t have a chance to interact.

Roo and Capella are in adjacent pens. Roo shares a pen with her sissy Nikki. Capella shares a pen with her brothers Phanty and Zeus. After a brief fight several weeks ago where Capella was the target and Roo was one of the chief instigators, things have gotten out of hand with them barking at each other and fence fighting. Fence fighting is where dogs in adjacent pens attempt to fight with each other through a fence, in this case a chain link fence.

We’ve put up some “Privacy Panels” for Roo. Three stylish 4 X 8 sheets of plywood now lean against the fence in Capella’s pen and are intended to prevent the girlies from seeing each other and fence fighting. For the most part, the privacy screens work well. Perhaps I’ll paint calming images on the screens to create a serene atmosphere for the girls.

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