Red is a Monster
Red is a Monster

Red is a Monster

After eight years we’ve figured it out. To prevent many of our fights, we’ve given Monkey, Pumpkin, and Red (MPR) their own yard so they can beat each other up (playfully), instead of beating everyone else up (not playfully). Things are usually peaceful, except for the rare occasion that Red figures out how to get into the other yard– which leaves a gaping whole in the fence.

Red is the cutest little mini monster you’ll ever meet.

MPR now have the winter yard to themselves. The winter yard is spacious and has room for them to frolic. It also has five 20X30 kennels. Since the winter yard gets a lot of sun, I decided to put my garden in one of the kennels– to protect the garden from dogs. As I enclosed myself in the kennel, Red decided he desperately needed to see me and dug under the fence and climbed into the kennel, followed by Pumpkin. They decided to frolic on my newly tilled dirt and pee on the strawbales containing the dirt.

Luckily, I hadn’t planted anything yet. I moved MPR temporarily onto the deck so I could fix what they destroyed and begin planting some starter plants that I had left on the deck. You know where this is going….f***ing Red ate my starter broccoli and brussel sprout plants, and my baby lilac tree.

We’ll see how long my garden lasts.

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