Capella Has Cancer \ Myra Gets a Tooth Pulled

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I brought sweet little Capella to the vet for an old lady check up.  At 12.5 years old, Capella is slowing down a bit. I wasn’t expecting to hear that she had mammary cancer and three lesions on her lungs. Sigh.

The vet gave her an injection of an herbal chemotherapy drug, to which she had an allergic reaction. She then received a steroid shot to combat the allergic reaction.

Right now she is doing fine. The vet gave me some alternative drugs (Turkey Tail and Dandelion Root; as well as Tramadol for pain) to give her, but apparently I need to wait a couple of weeks to see how she fares from the herbal chemo.

We’d like to bring Capella inside, because she’s such a sweet little girlie, but Spike and Myra would probably eat her.

Myra Mira

Myra had some dental work done yesterday. She had one tooth pulled. She also had a growth removed from one of her nipples.

Her gift to us for bringing her to the vet was to pee in the bed last night while she was sleeping next to me.

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