Goblin Gets Drained

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GoblinThis is Goblin. Goblin was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy a year ago. To our surprise, as well as the vet, he is still alive.  Goblin is on a heavy dose of heart meds:

  • one 10mg of Enalapril twice a day
  • two 25mg of Spironolactone twice a day
  • one 30mg of Diltiazem three times a day
  • one 10mg of Torsemide three times a day
  • one & a half 5mg of VetMedin twice a day

For the first several months of Goblin’s diagnosis he had a bad cough to do fluid building up in his lungs. The fluid shifted locations and now builds up in his abdomen, so we need too get him drained once a month (abdomninocentesis). He lost 2 gallons (16 pounds) today after being drained. The most he’s lost is 20 pounds!

Below are before and after pictures.

Goblin Pre-Drained
Before Draining
Before Draining
Before Draining
After Draining
After Draining

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