RIP Peetie
RIP Peetie

RIP Peetie

Peetie 1999 - June 6, 2015
1999 – June 6, 2015

On around April 28th, Peeite was diagnosed with an inoperable  cancerous lump on his knee. Then, the week of May 18 he started to be very picky with his food. I switched from Science Diet Senior dry food to cans of wet foot. That helped a little, but not for long.  He wasn’t eating. On June 5 I brought him to the vet. Doc P. said he was anemic and had a stomach tumor– similar to Monkey. Doc said he didn’t think Peeite would make our trip to Canada in three weeks. At the vet’s office, Peetie was perky and social. When I brought him home he crashed. He didn’t get up for dinner. The next day, May 6, he was wobbly and couldn’t stand. We brought him to the vet to be euthanized.

Peetie was a great dog, and Chez’s dad. We adopted him from the pound after our neighbor dropped him off there.  Peetie was a powerhouse and often ran in wheel. For fun, we used to like running him next to Storm or Stubby, so we’d have a big dog running with a small mini dog.

Peetie occasionally ran in lead. One year at the Two Rivers Valley Funalie the little junior mushers needed a dog to pull kids around the track. We volunteered Peetie.

As Peetie got older he overheated and could only run if it was zero or below; eventually he self-retired– meaning he decided he didn’t want to run anymore. You can tell a dog doesn’t want to run when they don’t get excited at hookup and don’t volunteer to be harnessed up. In Dec. 2013, Peetie got beat up by the outsiders and moved into the house permanently.

Peetie was a good inside dog, after we taught him not to pee on everything. He had a deep bark and would often begin barking at 2:00am for no reason at all.

We miss you Peetie, Peter, Piere!


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