Stinky Update

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Levi: We decided it was time to euthanize Levi. This was a very difficult decision. I like to say that Greg and Flamme did an intervention for me. Levi was eating and walking around, well somewhat walking around, but his quality of life was shit. He had difficulty standing, was bumping into things, would often fall– and sometimes pee in the house and then fall in it, and the last couple of days he was around he was pooping in his bed and walking around in it. I think Levi got bummed out after he got severely beat up in the dog yard, and then again when he had a nasty sarcoma removed. He moved inside, and got used to living inside, but I think he felt that he was supposed to be a lead dog and was sad that he could no longer function as a sled dog. We;ll remember Levi as being a great lead dog (except when he turned the team around :)) and for being best buddies with Darla, and for being the original StinkyPup.

Magic: Magic got his ass severely kicked by Duke, Chester, Simba, Red, and a bunch of other dogs. He’s recovering nicely. I’d bring him inside, but he likes it better outside with his buddies and I think he’s a cat eater.

Sammie & Bruno: I took Sam and Bruno for a 4 mile run tonight and they did great! The line up was Duke and Storm in lead, Sam in Point/Swing, and Sugar and Bruno in wheel.

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