Another sad sad day for the StinkyPups

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Chester and Sammie are missing for over 24 hours.

I took Chester to work with me on Sunday. We had a nice drive in together. When I came home, I let Chester out of the car and walked to the gate. When I opened the gate, Stubby, Bruno, and Sam bolted out and then took off with Chester. Stubby came back in a few minutes. Bruno came back in a few hours. Chester and Sam have not returned.

I’m really bummed out and miss them. Bruno *really* misses his sister Sam. He’s been glum, whiny, and doesn’t have anyone to play with.

I hope they are safe and they come home.

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  1. UPDATE: For the several of you who have asked….Chester and Sam came back home a couple of days after they took off. Chester took off again and when to his “first” home. But he’s been back for a while and hasn’t went on a major expedition by himself. We’ve been keeping him busy by taking him mushing. He ran 33 miles yesterday!

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