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Pay Back Sucks. Spike Gets Her Ass Kicked.

We’ve had some shifting around in the hierarchy of the female insiders. Perhaps it’s over our new un-neutered inside male dog, Floppy (who has an appointment to get fixed on Monday Jan. 9th). Spike has asserted that she wants to … Continue reading

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Maya Gets Demoted :(

Around 1.5 weeks ago Greg and I were hooking up sled dogs to go for a run and we heard a commotion from the insiders. Spike, Myra, and Floppy were attacking Maya. We broke up the fight and Maya had … Continue reading

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Maya Moves Inside

Since we’ve had several insiders die recently, Greg and I were talking about who should move inside. The short list of possibilities is Ahab, Spike, Nikki, Roo, Shrek, Cozzy, and Maya. I was surprised to see Greg bring Maya up … Continue reading

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14 Stinkers with the ATV

At +33F it’s finally gotten cool enough for most of the Stinkers to run so we hooked up all of the eligible runners. Shrek & Maya sat out because it’s too hot for them. This was the first time I’ve … Continue reading

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