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Jack Jumps Fence. Spike Gets Beat Up Again.

Two weeks after Spike got beat up, she was recovering nicely; and Jack was unable to open the new latch Greg installed. We thought everything was okay. On Jan. 21st, Greg and I left the house together to go to Oshawa … Continue reading

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Pay Back Sucks. Spike Gets Her Ass Kicked.

We’ve had some shifting around in the hierarchy of the female insiders. Perhaps it’s over our new un-neutered inside male dog, Floppy (who has an appointment to get fixed on Monday Jan. 9th). Spike has asserted that she wants to … Continue reading

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Maya Gets Demoted :(

Around 1.5 weeks ago Greg and I were hooking up sled dogs to go for a run and we heard a commotion from the insiders. Spike, Myra, and Floppy were attacking Maya. We broke up the fight and Maya had … Continue reading

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Roo’s Privacy Screen

Roo and Capella are now arch enemies and spend most of the day barking at each other. Roo love’s to get other dogs riled up, and Capella is her newest enemy. Previously it was Monkey and Punky (M & P). … Continue reading

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