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Stinky Health Updates

I find it so sad to see my best friends age. Young dogs that used to be big & strong and pulled me for thousands of miles, are now old and weak. It gets too emotional at times. So here’s the … Continue reading

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Danny’s A Conehead

When we brought Danny to the vet two weeks ago, he had a small patch of missing hair on his wrist. The vet thought is was possibly non-contagious mange and gave him Bravecto to treat mange. The Bravecto didn’t help and soon … Continue reading

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Storm Stumbles Around

Yesterday during morning breakfast time I needed to wake Storm up. She wouldn’t stand up and when I finally got her to stand she didn’t eat breakfast. She didn’t know who I was and she began to stumble around the … Continue reading

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Health Update

Ringworm: We have ringworm. Ewwww.  Treatment is Safegaurd, 1ml per 5 lbs every 10 days 4 times. Goblin: Goblin’s doses have been increased again! Morning Meds: diltiazem: 30mg every 8 hours vetmedin (pimobendan): 12.5 mg every 8 hours furosemide: 80mg … Continue reading

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