Nikki’s Health Update
Nikki’s Health Update

Nikki’s Health Update

Nikki decided she didn’t want to eat over the Easter holiday weekend, so I made an ultrasound appointment for her in Bobcageyon.

The appointment wasn’t until today (Wed., April 24), so I gave her sucralfate 1 hour before meals and bought some Royal Canin low fat food which she seems to like, and managed to get her eating a bit.

The ultrasound indicated bad news for our 16 yo champion lead dog. She has multiple issues going on, including:

  • A nodule on her pancreas;
  • An enlarged liver, with the left side having a nodule;
  • A thickened wall of the gallbladder with some stones;
  • Some type of mass on her spleen; and
  • A fucked left kidney.

We’ll put her on pain meds (Meloxicam and codeine) and Ursodiol for the gallbladder, and monitor her pain levels and quality of life.

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