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Stinky Health Updates

I find it so sad to see my best friends age. Young dogs that used to be big & strong and pulled me for thousands of miles, are now old and weak. It gets too emotional at times. So here’s the … Continue reading

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Kraken’s Solid Poo

I’m writing with good news about Kraken. At an age of nearly 3 years, he is now having solid poo. Is this an NSFW posting to the StinkyBlog? Maybe so. As I’ve mentioned before, this is a safe place for … Continue reading

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Parasites in Ontario

Since our arrival in L’Amable, Stubby has been having terrible diarrhea. Maya didn’t eat for 3 days, and is also having some gastrointestinal distress. A few other dogs are skipping meals or otherwise exhibiting potential health problems. We brought Stubby … Continue reading

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Who Shat in the Bed?

Warning: Do not read this posting if you’re squeamish about poop!

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