7 mile runs

We’ve been taking out the sled on 7 mile runs across the bumpy tundra. ┬áThe sled is better on my body than the 4 wheeler, but there’s a nasty 90 degree turn I take almost immediately out of the yard. The turn is difficult to … Continue reading7 mile runs

Snow arrives!

We don’t know whether it will stay, but the weather forecast is for days to stay below freezing, and nights well below freezing. We got an inch or so Monday morning, then another 3 inches Tuesday night. That’s almost enough to take the team out … Continue readingSnow arrives!

Weather transitions

Decker is still with us. She’s had a few nosebleeds, but we’re treating her with a new herbal remedy, yunnan baiyao, which is rumored to support clotting. A mixture of pain meds depending on how she’s doing day to day, ranging from metacam to traumadol … Continue readingWeather transitions