Che Leaves Us

Che suddenly left us on Dec. 21, 2014. ┬áIn the morning of the 21st I found Che laying outside in the snow. I tried to stand him up, but he collapse, so carried him inside. Greg (who just arrived from Saudi a day ago) and … Continue readingChe Leaves Us

A Stinky Update

A lot has happened healthwise since we last posted. We were worried Magic may have eaten another glove! Luckily, we found the missing glove intact. Chez got into a tussle with Danny and Danny’s front right let was lame for almost three weeks. Apparently he … Continue readingA Stinky Update

Chez gets the bloat

We don’t know why, but Chez got bloat without stomach torsion (aka gastric dilatation without volvulus). This is good. Many times when dogs get bloat their stomach twists (gastric dilatation with volvulus or GVD) and it’s a medical emergency. Luckily Chez got bloat (filled up … Continue readingChez gets the bloat