A Stinky Update

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A lot has happened healthwise since we last posted.

  • We were worried Magic may have eaten another glove! Luckily, we found the missing glove intact.
  • Chez got into a tussle with Danny and Danny’s front right let was lame for almost three weeks. Apparently he had nerve damage.  He’s walking on it fine now– perhaps well put him in a team.
  • Simba had a stomach ache and was exhibiting signs of obstructive bowel (not eating, sulking, making funny Simba sounds)– which was possible because he ate some of the plastic from a leash and bucket. He appears to be better now.
  • And most traumatic — King Neptune collapsed around a week ago. We brought him to the vet where he had a transfusion (due to anemia) and his spleen removed. He had a tumor on his spleen. We opted not to get a biopsy because the Doc said that half the time the biopsy results are incorrect. He was feeling better after surgery, but today is down in the doggy dumples.  I have a vet appointment this afternoon.

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