Fall Training 2021 Has Begun

Fall training 2021

Fall training officially started on Sept. 18th 2021! Well– sort of. It was not really cool enough to go out on Sept. 18th, but the Stinkers were itchin’ to go, so we went for a 2.8mile run with both teams. 40 degrees Fahrenheit is too warm for the Stinkers, so we held off on other runs until it dropped below 36 degrees Fahrenheit, which means Ilana gets up at 6am in the morning!

Fall training 2021

The current teams are:

Geri & Amy-Sue in Lead
Justice & Siren in Point
Snowflake & Jack in Team
Moose & Kraken in Wheel


Allie & Axel in Lead
Haines & Chaos in Point
Ted & Kia in Team
Timber & Yukon in Wheel


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