Rest In Peace Ahab

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March 9, 2019 is another sad day at StinkyPup Kennel. Our wonderful friend Ahab has gone off to the rainbow bridge.

Ahab in his youth in 2009

At 16 years old, Ahab basically died of old age. He was able to walk and eat (a little bit) but he had a poor quality of life. At the time of his death he weighed around 35 pounds and was super skinny. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make of whether we should euthanized him or have him stumble around for another couple of weeks? a month? But we decided that euthanasia was the humane thing to do.

On Oct. 28, 2018 we moved Ahab inside because he caught a cold. After moving inside he had several trips to the vet because he kept having snot in his nose.

Our old-man never did figure out how to use the dog door.

Ahab was one tough mother-fucker Alaskan husky.

When he was on the team he was one of our best sled dogs, as he was super strong and pulled hard.

Ahab never liked to use his box and often would camp out in the snow at -35F.

Ahab was a loving dog who barked liked a seal. All of the Stinkers miss our old man.

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