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We have a bunch of dogs retiring. These dogs are my champions, but are too old or have medical issues and can no longer run. We officially have more retirees than dogs who can pull a sled– which breaks my heart.


Bear is only 8 years old. This is rather young to be retiring at StinkyPup.

Bear is a champion puller and was a core member of my Copper Basin 300 2014 team.

Besides being a poor eater/drinker during mushing season, Bear has extremely bad arthritis in his back right leg; and has a chronic limp. We think this could be due to breaking his leg as a puppy.

Bear is very sad that he won’t be going on runs this year– even short runs.




Capella is another of one of our champions who ran on my Copper Basin 300 2014 team.

Capella is 11.5 years old and we’ll be sad to not have her pull her little heart out. Capella is a slow and steady kind of gal, but she’s getting up there in years and is too slow for the team.

She may be able to join us for some cameo appearances.






Dru led for us all of last season. Amelie always said she was “power steering,” but she was pretty clueless for us. She ran out front, but really didn’t know a gee from a haw.

Dru will be retiring at the age of 11.

Like Capella, she may be able to join us for some cameo appearances; we’ll have to see how slow she is and how her hind legs are holding up.






We are so sad that our magnificent champion puller Recluse is retiring at the age of 12.

Recluse was a major force on my Copper Basin 300 2014 team. He was strong and sleek, and man could he pull.

Recluse is having difficulty with his hind legs, so he will not be joining us for runs; and I think he’s happy with this decision.



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