Our First 20 Mile Stinky Run
Our First 20 Mile Stinky Run

Our First 20 Mile Stinky Run

On Feb. 10th fifteen Stinkers (including 2 humans) went our for an exploratory mush and ran 20 miles. Greg was the musher and Ilana rode in the basket. Our champion team was:

  • Wayne (it was 16F so cold enough for Wayne) & Stella (Lead)
  • Dru & Phanty (Point)
  • Moe & Zeus (Team)
  • Ted & Medusa (Team)
  • Kraken & Recluse (Team)
  • Jack & Siren (Team)
  • Moose (solo in the caboose)

We’re very excited about the potential for having miles of trails to mush! The problem is there aren’t any loops to turn around. We jumped from running 9.4 miles to 20 miles– and that’s a big jump. We were able to find a 13 miler, but that entailed a short bushwhack through waist high snow, and this just isn’t doable without having two people to guide the dogs. We’re looking for loops where we can run solo (e.g., not having someone sit in the basket).

Mushing season is almost over, and I’m already dreaming about putting on the miles next season! But for that we’ll need more dogs because a bunch of the stinkers will be retiring next year.

20 Mile Mush Bessemer Lane
20 Mile Mush Bessemer Lane


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