Stubby’s Pancreatitis
Stubby’s Pancreatitis

Stubby’s Pancreatitis

I brought Stubby to the vet on Dec 12 because she wasn’t eating and looked miserable. My diagnosis was another obstructive bowel– but the Doc said after looking at her blood work and ex-rays he thought she had pancreatitis.  She had a lot of swelling under her chin.

Meds given:

  • Mitrazapine (15mg) 1/2 a tab daily as needed as an appetite stimulant
  • Baytril (136 mg) 1 tab daily (for 10 days) as an antibiotic
  • Carafate 1 tab three times a day (on an empty stomach)
  • Famotidine (10mg) 1 tab 2x a day for stomach upset
  • Cerena (24 mg) 1 tab daily, if needed, for nausea
  • Normasol Saline 5ml 2x  day, if needed subQ– camelback

After not eating for 2 days, the Stubbster is feeling much better. I’ve been giving her the meat that the sled dogs eat with rice. She’s eating and the swelling under her chin has dissipated.

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