Magic’s Septicemia

Magic is very sick, but thankfully is recovering. Several nights ago Greg found him laying by the door and he couldn’t get up. When he stood up, he was wobbly and his lower body was leaning to the side. The next day he seemed fine. The next, not so. I thought it was just a neurological thing going on, because his neuro reflexes on back feet were non-existent and his toes were curled under. Greg thought it was a possible bowel obstruction because he has a history of eating things he shouldn’t, and has had three obstructive bowel surgeries.

When the doc looked at him she wasn’t sure what was going on.  When she stuck a thermometer up his bum she quickly found out the problem because he released massive quantities of bloody diarrhea. Luckily it didn’t hit her or me! Magic had a fever of 104.2 and was diagnosed with septicemia.  He had massive amounts of bad bacteria in his intestines.  The way the doc explained it is that the bacteria eats at the lining of the gut.  Magic was in BAD shape. He was put on an IV and anitbiotics and other drugs. He spent two nights at the emergency vet and two days at the regular vet. He’s at the regular vet right now and hopefully he can go home tonight. He’s able to stand now, but still has diarrhea and is not eating.


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