Frankie has heart trouble

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Frankie - January 2009

While I was out of town, Greg saw Frankie try to get up and fall down, as if he was dizzy. When I came back from my trip I saw Frankie jump off the couch and fall. Time to go to the vet, especially since we just brought him two weeks ago because he wasn’t feeling well. During his exam at the vet, the doc said he had a low heart rate (50 beats per minute). Normal for his size is 80 to 120. Since he isn’t an active athlete, it’s unusual that he’d have such a low rate. His pulse was irregular too. Later in the day they heard a heart murmur. I left Frank at the vet’s office for an EKG, which was sent to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, this was on a Friday so we won’t hear back about the results until Monday (hopefully). Possible ailments are fluid around the heart or part of his heart not functioning. Sigh. He also has very bad arthritis in his spine.

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