Sam is missing
Sam is missing

Sam is missing

Friday night at around 6:30pm Sam and Frankie sneaked out and took off. At first we weren’t too concerned because usually the dogs come back in a couple of hours. This time, they didn’t come back.  We started looking for them after our evening dog chores– around 10pm.  The weather was bad, with sporadic outbursts of heavy rain and then no rain. At around 2:30am we finally went to sleep.

When we woke up, Sam and Frankie were still gone.  Greg took the gang for a morning walk, and Frankie caught up with them on their way home. Frankie wasn’t very muddy, and didn’t look too wet. We were waiting for Sam to come running home, but she didn’t. We spent all day Sat. looking for her. We looked for her on the field, on some of the trails, on some of the trails that aren’t trails, on the road, at the pound, up the block, down the block, here and there. Still no Sam. Sunday, we repeated our hunt for her. Note, Sat. & Sun. were met with bouts of hard rainfall. Still no Sam.

I checked my StinkyPup blog and she,  Chester, Bruno and Stubby disappeared in 2007.  Stubby came back within the hour, Bruno within 7 hours (and was really tired), Chester within around 16 hours, and Sam 52 hours. I suppose there is still some hope that she returns home. Both Wild and Sugar were found at around mile 22 after one week. Dutchess was found at mile 22 after a couple of days.

What worries me are the traps, bears, wolves, and moose. Rattles was missing for three days and some folks found him in a trap. Rattles didn’t let us know where he was when we were basically right next to him.

So, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m very sad and miss her so much.

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  1. stinkypup

    Sam is still missing. Yesterday Greg and I walked the four mile loop with Frankie. Frankie wasn’t too interested in going. I walked Melan S. at 1am and then around the trails to the east of my house. No Sam. At this point, I’m not too hopeful that she’ll return.

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