Frankie numbnuts
Frankie numbnuts

Frankie numbnuts

Frankie moved inside a couple of months ago. He was attacked by many members of the dog yard and injured in his leg. This seems to happen to once dominant dogs, when they get a little older. He has not adjusted that well to being inside, and seems to want to go out to visit the dog yard (where he can bark at everyone, and chase them around).

Sunday night he figured out how to jump over a gate, sort of squeezing between the gap over the gate closure, where the gate doesn’t quite meet the fence. I was tending to the yard, and realized that Frankie was running around in the sled dog yard, instead of barking from the adjacent pet dog yard. I put him back, then he reappeared. I then put him back, and blocked one of the gates.

A few minutes later, there was a horrendous barking and howling, from another of the gates. Frankie had tried to jump through, and got stuck with his waist between the fence and the gate, suspended over the gate latch and a t-post, about 4 feet in the air. To make matters worse, Chez was biting his ass and feet, from the other side of the fence.

I ran to help, and started to try to lift Frankie from his tight spot. But he bit me — hard! On the hand. I backed off, managed to reach around and shoo Chez away, and adjusted Frankie’s rear feet so he wasn’t quite so stuck. He calmed down a bit, and then let me lift him out. He promptly ran through the dog yard, opened the gate at the other end (it wasn’t secured, since Frankie is the only one who ever opens the gate, and he was supposed to be in the other yard), and ran up the back porch to be let in by Ilana.

Later, we discovered that Frankie had impaled himself on the t-post, and needed another set of stitches. My next yard project will be to figure out how to add a little more fencing, to make it impossible to jump through the gap that Frankie found.

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