Sam still missing. Neighbors Rescue me.

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From around 3-5:30pm I spent the day putting up “lost dog” signs around the neighborhood. I canvassed Melan Dr. S. on my bike and stopped at everyone’s house. I put I signs from 14.5 mile to 10 mile. I still need to go from 14.5 to 22 mile.

After partying the dogs, I decided to take the four wheeler to look for Sam. I was convinced that Sammie was caught in a trap. I knew there were some traps by the Pot-latch Bridge and by the Dyke. I headed out prepared…had my cell phone, GPS, and some tool thingies (pliers maybe?). Greg and I walked the trail yesterday, so knew where the bad spots were and my plan was to leave the ATV when it got really bad (meaning muddy, marshy, impassable).

Everything was going well, until I hit a bog. Since I had my phone, I called Greg (who is out of town). His suggestion was to tie eight or nine dogs to myself and go for a drag (that’s what I did the last time the 4 wheeler got stuck).  It was just about 9pm, so I decided to call my wonderful neighbors Scott and Maureen. As usual, they came out to rescue me. I thanked them and told them I was going to walk to the Pot-latch and Dyke.

They went home, I went on my extended walk/run, and I didn’t find Sam. I saw bear poop, wolf poop, lots of moose tracks (but surprisingly no moose poop), and unfortunately, no Sam poop.

Here are some pics of the 4 wheeler and flowers.

Stuck in the Mud
Stuck in the Mud

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