Serum Run is underway!

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Please visit to follow Ilana’s progress in this amazing 760+ mile sled dog journey from Nenana to Nome Alaska. It follows the original 1925 Iditarod trail when serum was transported in an incredible 5.5 days overland, using relays of dog teams. This year’s journey includes 8 mushers and over a dozen snow machiners for support, taking 18 days or so.

I visited Ilana and the crew in Manley, which was a nice trip to the end of the Elliott Highway. More news is on the Serum Run site, including a blog, message board (where you can send messages to your favorite musher: Ilana!), and GPS trackers to follow the expedition every day.

Storm and Simba stayed home, due to shoulder injuries limiting their multi-day endurance. That makes for a team of 10 dogs, plus Ilana and Heather. The dogs are all eating well and doing fine. They are: Decker, Chevy, Nicki, Roo, Higgs, Asa, Rocket, Ahab, Luke and Storm. Weather is fine, and the trail has been good so far.

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