Pics from Ruby

Thanks to Anne Titus of Ruby, Alaska for these pictures from Ruby. See the message board for more trail updates. The teams were hoping to leave Ruby today (Sunday) for the 50-mile mush to Galena. Remarkably, that would put them back on schedule. Meanwhile, the … Continue readingPics from Ruby

Serum Run is underway!

Please visit to follow Ilana’s progress in this amazing 760+ mile sled dog journey from Nenana to Nome Alaska. It follows the original 1925 Iditarod trail when serum was transported in an incredible 5.5 days overland, using relays of dog teams. This year’s journey … Continue readingSerum Run is underway!

Serum Run 2009

I’ve heard from the Serum Run organizers that Heather and I have been selected to participate in the 2009 Serum Run. The Serum Run route runs from Nenana to Nome (around 770 miles). Part of the route is the same as the Iditarod trail. Unlike … Continue readingSerum Run 2009