Longer days are here!

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We’re rapidly approaching the spring equinox, when days are the same length around the world. That’s the first day of spring, and close to the end of the Two Rivers mushing season. It’s always amazing how quickly snow melts (and mud starts!) once temperatures start dipping above freezing.

That’s almost a month in the future, though. Today, it’s sunny — with the sun much higher above the horizon than just a few weeks ago. Temps are well below freezing, but quite comfortable…highs in the 0-15 above zero range. For people used to bundling up all winter for months of sub-zero, it’s practically time for shorts and sandals! This is a magical time in Alaska’s interior, which is the best time of year for many residents.

Across the huge state of Alaska, including the nearly 800-mile long east-west transect the Serum Run will follow, conditions vary widely, and will continue to do so. Colder to the north, and warmer to the south, but potential for very cold temperatures, very warm, and all kinds of winds and precipitation. It’s going to be quite an adventure.

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