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Stinky Health Updates

I find it so sad to see my best friends age. Young dogs that used to be big & strong and pulled me for thousands of miles, are now old and weak. It gets too emotional at times. So here’s the … Continue reading

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Danny Has Pancreatitis; Nikki is Perfect

We brought Danny (7 years old) and Nicky (13 years old) to the vet today for checkups. Danny hasn’t been eating well, has a discharge from his eye, and has a missing patch of hair on his right wrist. Nikki … Continue reading

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Stubby’s Pancreatitis

I brought Stubby to the vet on Dec 12 because she wasn’t eating and looked miserable. My diagnosis was another obstructive bowel– but the Doc said after looking at her blood work and ex-rays he thought she had pancreatitis.  She … Continue reading

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