First Run of the Season!

First run of the season– yeah, we’re starting very late. Fresh snow. ATV. 26F. Around 2 miles. Wayne & Stella (Lead) Ted & Siren (Point) Medusa & Moe (Team) Kraken & Jack (Wheel) My GoPro pooped out, so no pics/video

Success! Well Sort of.

With the Stinkers recovering from the porcupine incident, it’s slim pickings for leaders. Stella and Phanty, our leaders this year, are still recovering. We’ve tried putting Wayne and Siren in lead, but they don’t know their gees (turn right) and haws (turn left), so we’ve … Continue readingSuccess! Well Sort of.

There’s Snow!

It’s finally snowing! We got around 5″ of beautiful snow. Not enough to take the dogs out on the sled– there are a lot of rocks and roots about, but enough to make Wayne happy! This was last week:     This is today (Monday, … Continue readingThere’s Snow!