Surgery track record

Nobody should take this posting as medical advice or statistically significant research. It is simply a summary of our own experiences, as chronicled here on the Stinky Blog. In mid-March 2019, it’s unclear what to do about Dru. She needs approximately 15 teeth removed, which … Continue readingSurgery track record

RIP Peetie

On around April 28th, Peeite was diagnosed with an inoperable  cancerous lump on his knee. Then, the week of May 18 he started to be very picky with his food. I switched from Science Diet Senior dry food to cans of wet foot. That helped a little, … Continue readingRIP Peetie

A Stinky Update

I haven’t updated the Stinky blog in a while. Here’s what’s happened: Spring 2014: Spike had her first obstructive bowel surgery. I’m not really sure what she ate, even after viewing the item– which the vet saved for me.  It’s possible it was a hair … Continue readingA Stinky Update