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Drastic Doggie Changes

I finally got enought strength to move Wild from the “Pet” category to the “Not Forgotten” category. We euthanized the beautiful evil creature from hell at home on July 22, 2008. It was an extremely sad event, especially since we … Continue reading

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Death Decisions

On the way home from work, Greg and I talked about Bosco‘s quality of life. He has none. He’s been going down hill for quite some time. Around a month ago, maybe more, he stopped going on walks. Then he … Continue reading

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It always happens right before we go on vacation….

We’re supposed to head to NJ next week for a family reunion. Whenever we are getting ready to go away something happens. This morning Greg woke up and found Wild laying in pee and she couldn’t stand up. Even with … Continue reading

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Why do they do it?

Why do dogs feel the need to attack the oldest dog in the pack? Yesterday Bosco was attacked by the sled dogs. It was pretty traumatic to watch. I think Simba started it. The next thing I saw was 7-8 … Continue reading

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