A Stinky Health Update
A Stinky Health Update

A Stinky Health Update

  1. Dru— 13yo Dru is a mess and we aren’t really sure what to do with her. Dru stopped eating well and we thought it was her teeth.  We brought her to the vet in Bobcaygeon and it turns out not only does she have 15 teeth that need to be removed, but she also has mammary tumors– including one bigger than a golf ball. The large tumor was oozing with pus and was infected, so we put her on Clavaseptin (250mg 2x a day). Dru is a horrible pill taker and we have to fight with her to take her darn pills.We brought her to our local vet for another opinion, and decided to do a cytology to see if it’s benign or malignant. Note, the first vet said that his pathologist doesn’t believe the accuracy of cytology reports and he recommends not doing them. Even our local vet said they are only 80% accurate– but we went ahead with it anyway, basically because we really don’t know what to do with Dru.

    We have a tentative appointment for her teeth and removal of mammary tumors for next week– we’ll see what the cytology report says and have further discussion on what to do.

    Also, we tried bringing Dru inside to be an inside dog and she wants nothing to do with it. So we put her back outside. Note, she’s going to have to stay inside after surgery, and maybe after that she’ll want to live inside, but that’s doubtful based on her behavior while being inside (e.g., pacing & not settling).

  2. Nikki — 15yo Nikki was having tooth pain for sometime, and we finally decided it was time to do something about it. Our Barry’s Bay vet noticed her bad tooth around two years ago, but recommended not doing anything since it wasn’t bothering her.Well– it started bothering her. She wasn’t eating well and spent most of the night whining and licking her paw.Her surgery was done by the vet in Bobcaygeon and she had 5 teeth removed.Since her surgery (9 days ago), she has stopped whining, but isn’t eating as well as I would like. Surprisingly, she wasn’t put on antibiotics– just  codeine and meloxicam.

    Another strange occurrence since her surgery is she now wants to sleep in the bed with us. Pre-surgery the bed was hers during the day, and she slept on the floor at night.  Post-surgery, our 64lb girlie feels the need to sleep on top of us.

  3. Mira — 12yo Mira somehow scratched her eye and has an ulcer. She has been on various eye medications/drops for almost a month now and it’s healing slowly. She gets to go to our local vet every 7-10 days and gets her eye stained so the doc can see how the ulcer is healing.

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