Storm Stumbles Around
Storm Stumbles Around

Storm Stumbles Around

Yesterday during morning breakfast time I needed to wake Storm up. She wouldn’t stand up and when I finally got her to stand she didn’t eat breakfast. She didn’t know who I was and she began to stumble around the house and yard. She take a few steps, walk into walls, stumble and fall, get up, and repeated this for around an hour until we brought her to the emergency vet in Peterborough (around 1hour and 20 minutes from here). She was totally disoriented.

Around 1.5 months ago, Storm (who is 15.5 years old) had some blood work done in order to get urinary incontinence pills. The blood work showed that her liver enzymes were high. The vet gave her Zentonil, a supplement to support the liver, and we changed her pee medication from phenylpropanolamine (PPA) to stilbestrol. Storm was just about due for another blood test.

The Peterborough vet took blood work and x-rays of her spine and abdomen. Storm’s blood work was not good. Her glucose levels were extremely low. One of her liver levels was off-the chart high, and she was anemic (due to possible internal bleeding from a tumor?). x-rays show a possible tumor of the pancreas or spleen.

The vet explained options, euthanasia being one of them. We opted to bring Storm home and feed her vanilla Ensure to get her glucose level up. This worked and she ate dinner on her own.

This morning she was snuggling in be with me! She ate breakfast and appears to be okay. We need to get blood work done again to check her red blood cell count, but the vets are closed today (except for the Peterborough vet). Since she seems okay, we’ll wait until tomorrow to get the blood work done.



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