The AlCan
The AlCan

The AlCan

We’ve spent a couple of days on the Alaska Canada highway, the AlCan. This is an amazingly windy and steep highway, and the only viable roadway in and out of Alaska. It has an interesting history, rooted in the post-WWII cold war. Lots of RVs, lots of tankers and 18-wheelers.

The pups are doing quite well, and are into a routine with their human pals of getting out of the dog boxes several times a day, taking care of business (ingest & excreet) and generally not being to much trouble. Goblin and Daniel had not eaten for almost the whole trip, then ate this morning (they ate each others’ food – go figure). Stubby and Rocket are laconic though eating and otherwise doing well.

Greg and fellow @PinchotEDU MBA alum Aric have been in the lead with the Tundra and most dogs E & Kyle have been driving the u-haul almost exclusively. Ilana and Jen have been in the subaru with the infirm dogs. Some swapping of drivers, vehicles, and dog boxes has happened regularly.

Our major concern is heat. It’s 80F in northern Alberta/BC, which means the dogs are getting warm in their boxes. We try not to stop, in order to keep air flow. However, we NEED to stop in order for them to get water and a little rest. We keep looking forrest areas with shady trees, and also used the u-haul to create shade one time.

Greetings to everyone who is watching the trip on our SPOT . Last night, it needed to be reset so we lost a few hours.

Now that we’re nearing Alberta there is much better cell coverage, so we will be able to use the phone, Internet, etc. We will also be seeing the first four-lane highways, as we approach Edmonton. It will almost seem like civilization, after isolated small towns in Yukon Territory, Alaska and northern BC.

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