Day 2: Beaver Creek to Johnsons Crossing

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It’s 2:00am and we’re just settling into bed at Johnson’s Crossing Campground. We left Beaver Creek at noon June 29th and arrived at Johnson’s¬†Crossing at midnight. Kraken is howling and keeping up all of the guests.

In the morning we lined out all of the dogs and Moe slipped his collar and was running through the parking lot. Luckily, Moe comes when called so we caught him. ¬†Bruno is being a big baby and whines when Greg or Ilana aren’t around .

The scenery today, especially adjacent to Destruction Bay, was absolutely beautiful.

The Tundra hauling the dog box is only getting 6-8 miles per gallon of gas, so we’re stopping quite often to fill up.

The dogs are stressed and we have some sickly dogs who are struggling– Stubby is having extreme difficulty standing on her back legs; Danny isn’t eating and threw up several times, although he seems perky enough; Goblin isn’t eating and has lost a lot of weight — he’s drinking a lot, so perhaps that’s a plus.


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  1. if there is anything you need or I can do for you, let me know.
    I am in Fort St John BC. I live here and I am a friend of Bev. I am now very interested in your adventure, keeping track of your travels.
    You will probably be coming through here tomorrow the 1st which is our Big Canada Day holiday. Everything will be closed except for groceries, gas and restaurants
    Call or text 250-263-4525 please or email
    The Husky gas and Humpties restaurant is just off the hwy on west side. Safeway groceries and gas is centre on the hey. Walmart Superstore is just off the hwy at the next exit.
    Safe travelling and good luck. Irene and Jim

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