Burger Run enjoyment
Burger Run enjoyment

Burger Run enjoyment

On February 9, Greg was the musher for this local event, run by the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association (TRDMA). Temps were a little warm (low 20s), but none of the dogs had trouble. The race was a little over 30 miles, and ends at Angel Creek Lodge, towards the end of the Chena Hot Springs Road.

There was a 10 dog maximum. The team was:

  • Nikki & Chevy (lead)
  • Wayne & Shrek (point)
  • Mo & Sno (team)
  • Phanty & Zeus (team)
  • Luke & Spike (wheel)

Cozzy didn’t get to go because of his “issues.” Greg came in 8th out of 10.

Start o the race, Photo by Jan DeNapoli

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