Burger Run enjoyment

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On February 9, Greg was the musher for this local event, run by the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association (TRDMA). Temps were a little warm (low 20s), but none of the dogs had trouble. The race was a little over 30 miles, and ends at Angel Creek Lodge, towards the end of the Chena Hot Springs Road.

There was a 10 dog maximum. The team was:

  • Nikki & Chevy (lead)
  • Wayne & Shrek (point)
  • Mo & Sno (team)
  • Phanty & Zeus (team)
  • Luke & Spike (wheel)

Cozzy didn’t get to go because of his “issues.” Greg came in 8th out of 10.

Start o the race, Photo by Jan DeNapoli

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