Snowball’s a bouncer

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Snowball has been bouncing and pouncing out of his pen lately. One morning we found in the pen next door with Zeus, Capella, and Phanty. The next morning he jumped two pens¬† over and after visiting the Zeus crowd decided to visit Roo and Nikki.¬† He’s been jumping onto his box and then over the fence. He’s quite the escape artist. Possibly better than Chester because not only can he climb, bounce, and jump, but he can also dig under.

Luckily, he’s a very friendly, loving, and smart guy, so when he manages to land in a pen with other dogs he hasn’t been beaten up and when he manages to climb or dig out of the yard he just hangs around the house.

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  1. Update: Came home from work today and snowbunny was out of the yard waiting for me. I need to take those boys mushing, but can’t for another 7 days due to their neutering.

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