StinkyPups are falling apart

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Since Scully’s sickness in August, StinkyPup Kennel has been falling apart. We’ve had weekly vet runs for all different types of sicknesses and injuries. Today I found out that superstar Higgs has either endocarditis or cardiomyopathy. He needs to go to the vet for an ultrasound to determine which heart disease he has. The doc has prescribed Higgs Atenolol, a beta blocker. I have a vet appt. on Monday for the ultrasound. The vet and I had a discussion about whether he can still run. Higgs LOVES to run, and over the last six years he’s run thousands of miles with his brother Asa. The question comes down to quality of life. Since he can keel over any time (endocarditis may be treatable; with cardiomyopathy he can have a heart attack at anytime), shouldn’t he do it doing something he loves to do, instead of being miserable in the yard while his brothers and sisters go for a run?

Luke also went for a vet visit today. The vet wasn’t sure if he has a torn muscle or if it could be having back problems. Instead of doing ex-rays right away, the vet prescribed Methocarbanol (500mg every 8 hours). Methocarbanol is a muscle relaxant. Luke’s back thighs are very muscular and super tight.

Higgs and Luke added incredible strength to our “A” team. They are both big dogs (70lbs), who usually run in wheel and carry the team. With Rocket & Decker (a great leader) on bed rest due to a shoulder or wrist injuries, and Asa off the “A” team because he doesn’t like to run without his brother and he doesn’t like to run with Greg, we are left with Nikki, Chevy, Ahab, Capella, Zeus, Spike (who has harness rub on her chest), and Roo (who can’t run more than 100 miles). Soooo, my secret plan to run the Chatanika 200 and possibly the Quest 300 isn’t looking good this year.

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