Dead Piggies :(
Dead Piggies :(

Dead Piggies :(

Frankie and Chester aren’t allowed out together because they like to party and stay out late. Yesterday evening, Frankie and Chester finagled their way out together and ended up partying and staying out late. Frankie returned home around 4 hours after he disappeared. He was tired and had a touch of blood on his snout. Chester didn’t return home. Greg and I went looking for him. I was up until 2am wondering where he was. I drove to his old home to see if he was there. I walked through the woods calling for him. Finally, at 2am I went to sleep.

We woke up this morning at 6:30am and there was still no Chester. Greg drove around the block looking for him. No Chester :( I was worried about all of the things that could have happened to him, like getting shot, getting caught in a trap, getting kicked by a moose or mauled by a bear, getting captured by his previous owners.

At 8:00am, someone called and asked if we were missing a dog. I was sooooo happy that he was found. The woman who had Chester was caretaking for her inlaws. She found Chester sleeping outside of the inlaws’ pig pen. The three pigs had been shot.

When I went to pick Chester up, I was concerned that perhaps he had killed the pigs. The woman didn’t think so, she was pretty sure they had been shot. I have no idea what a bullet hole would even look like. After putting Chester in the Jeep, I went to look at the piggies. It was so incredibly sad. I almost started to cry. They were just laying on their sides– all dead and stinky. One of the pigs had a gouge in her side, the others had little holes that could have been from a gun.

I took Chester home and told him that he was a big dummy for not coming home last night. I’m glad he’s home, but am sad for the family who lost their pigs.

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