Trip to the White Mountains
Trip to the White Mountains

Trip to the White Mountains

Last weekend Heather and I took our first practice trip to the White Mountains. We did a short 25.4 trip in. Camped at the very nice Crowberry cabin, and mushed/snow machined out the next day.  It was a gorgeous weekend for a winter camping trip. Not to cold. It snowed on the way in and was bright and sunny on the way out. All of the dogs did well. Rocket seemed a bit tired or depressed. The anorexic girls (Roo and Decker) didn’t eat/drink much. Rattles’ right foot (the one with the amputated toe) was stiff, but he did okay.

Dogs on the trip were: Chevy, Decker, Nikki, Roo, Ahab, Storm, Asa, Higgs, Rocket, Rattles, Luke, Spike and Chester (who ran free or in the sled).

Topo map of route

The route is an active trapline trail– which I didn’t know about until we got there. I probably wouldn’t have take Chester if I had known this.  The sigin at the parking lot indicated no set traps for the first 18 miles, but I saw traps in trees– so I’m thinking that a set trap is one placed on the ground.

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