Simba = Cha-Ching

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Greg is picking up Simbad from the vet right now. Hmmm, let’s see two nights at the emergency vet equals how much? He ended up having surgery. He had two booties in his stomach (probably the ones he ate two weeks ago), a piece of velcro from a bootie in his intestines, and another bootie in his colon. The vets (Rogers and Rember) were impressed with themselves, and rightfully so, because they managed to only make one cut in the stomach and then “milk” the stuff in from intestines out to the colon and grab the objects with forceps via his anus.

Here’s a link to some diagrams of the anatomy of the canine gut (if that link doesn’t work, try this one).

Apparently his intestines are in bad shape and if he ever needs his intestine cut again (he’s had it cut before), he’s not going to do well.

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  1. Simba is recovering nicely. We’ve moved him outside. He’s eating and pooping and is back to his goofball self.

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