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Bad Luck on Friday the 13th, 2018

April Friday 13, 2018 started a round of bad luck. Dr. Maddux always told me bad luck happens in 3’s, and this yielded to be true. On Wed. April 11th, I went to hook Moose up for breakfast and I … Continue reading

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A Stinky Update

I haven’t updated the Stinky blog in a while. Here’s what’s happened: Spring 2014: Spike had her first obstructive bowel surgery. I’m not really sure what she ate, even after viewing the item– which the vet saved for me.  It’s … Continue reading

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SicklyPup Kennel

Perhaps I should change the name of our kennel to SicklyPup instead of StinkyPup.  Here’s the health update: Stubby: Three weeks ago Stubby, at 12 years old, had her first obstructive bowel surgery. She’s recovering well, except for chronic diarrhea– oh … Continue reading

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Magic’s Second OB Surgery

Magic decided that a towel, sock, dog bootie, and several rocks were tasty snacks. Unfortunately they didn’t come out the other end and Magic needed obstructive bowel surgery. Luckily, the items hadn’t reached his intestines and Doc M. was able … Continue reading

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