Chez’s Sixth Sense?
Chez’s Sixth Sense?

Chez’s Sixth Sense?

Wild suddenly is not able to fully use her front legs. We aren’t sure what happened, but she yelps when we touch her legs (I’m not sure if it’s the right or left one). Since she barely has use of her hind legs, she heavily relies on her front ones. Last night, she couldn’t stand up on her own and couldn’t walk around the house.

So, I’m all sad about this event, because not being able to walk is a terrible sign and death is usally the outcome. But Chez, Chez is not sad. Chez decided to sleep on Wild’s bed in the living room, and then again on her bed in the Bedroom. Does he know something is up?

I think she’ll get better, perhaps just a sprain. I wonder what Chez thinks.

Jan 18, 2008– Just an update: Wild is back to her normal self!

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