How I almost killed Peetie

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Went out on the 10th of Sept at 50 degrees and almost killed Peetie. Peetie overheats if its above zero. During the summer he free runs with me down to the field and doesn’t have any problems. I was anxious to go out with the dogs so took Peetie and 5 other snouts for a run around the block on the 4-wheeler. When we got home Peetie was stumbling around the yard and couldn’t walk. I ran inside and got a bunch of ice cubes and put them in his mouth and groin and anywhere where I could get to his skin. I poured water on him (which he didn’t like). After 45 minutes he was fine. Okay, so even if he wants to go– I need to remember that I can’t take him unless it’s 20 below!

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